Floral blouse
450 MXN –

Suede trench coat
1,700 MXN –

Venus lining pants
745 MXN –

Gucci shoes
12,405 MXN –

Handbags tote
375 MXN –

Kate spade ring
1,100 MXN –

Kate Spade pearl jewellery
840 MXN –

Moisturizing lipstick
2,655 MXN –


Friday Party

Friday Party

French connection dress
1,870 MXN –

Pocket jacket
650 MXN –

Venus black over-the-knee boots
935 MXN –

Twinset purple purse
1,795 MXN –

Forever 21 post earrings
115 MXN –

Gemstone necklace
90 MXN –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
1,720 MXN –

Teaching English

Teaching English

Cat print top
500 MXN –

Dark green trench coat
1,945 MXN –

Faux suede a line skirt
1,815 MXN –

Sigerson Morrison flat pumps
1,720 MXN –

Karen Millen chain strap handbag
3,770 MXN –

J.Crew 14 karat gold stud earrings
1,300 MXN –

Accessorize mixed metal stacking ring
305 MXN –

Tech accessory
420 MXN –

60’s skirt

60’s skirt

Rayon top
505 MXN –

Blue jacket
1,470 MXN –

High heel ankle boots
705 MXN –

Handbag purse
380 MXN –

Topshop stackable ring
345 MXN –

River Island earrings
150 MXN –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics palette makeup
1,715 MXN –

Long wear lipstick
705 MXN –

Crop top + high waist jeans

Crop top + high waist jeans

Boohoo off shoulder sweatshirt
530 MXN –

Trench coat
895 MXN –

High-waisted skinny jeans
950 MXN –

Chloé leather crossbody purse
21,140 MXN –

Stud earrings
285 MXN –

Forever 21 band ring
150 MXN –

Glossier makeup
380 MXN –

A day on the city

A day on the city

MANGO textured cardigan
1,000 MXN –

Cut loose shirt
190 MXN –

Floral embroidered jeans
750 MXN –

210 MXN –

Knapsack bag
325 MXN –

Geometric jewelry
43 MXN –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics polishing kit
1,710 MXN –

190 MXN –



White top
1,095 MXN –

Blue jean jacket
1,485 MXN –

Dolce&Gabbana white pants
18,890 MXN –

Nine West black flat shoes
1,310 MXN –

Crossbody purse
210 MXN –

Metal ring
380 MXN –

New Directions teardrop earrings
185 MXN –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
1,710 MXN –

Nyx lipstick
950 MXN –

Floral skirt

Floral skirt

Cat print top
190 MXN –

Flap jacket
1,335 MXN –

River Island pink floral skirt
570 MXN –

Express brown cross body purse
455 MXN –

Madewell vintage yellow gold ring
420 MXN –

Engraved jewellery
36 MXN –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics gloss makeup
1,715 MXN –

Gucci lipstick
705 MXN –

Grey Blazer

Hello Georgeous!! I am back with another clothing post, this time I found a really lovely and very functional grey blazer. Not only black colour is basic, also grey it’s, and to have a very good wardrobe we need some basic pieces that you can combine and do more versatile your closet.

Sometimes you just need a quality clothes to look astonishing, we just need to look the style that have the French girls, that have a very basic style.

I hope your enjoy this post. Subscribe,comment and give it a big thumbs up if you did. I will see you very soon byyee. Liv.

Autumn Essential

Hello Georgeous!! In every season we have some essentials, so I decided to do are the most importa essential for this season.

Hand cream, to have a very soft and nice hands through the season.

Scarve, I don´t know if you get ill but I do so a use this piece almost everyday and apart from that I love wear them.

Lip balm, our lips suffer a lot through autumn and winter so you can take care of them with a really good lip bal apart of drinking water.

An umbrella, because it can rain any time.

A good pair of boots, I think is a really good investment because you are going to wear it all the season.

A thermos, maybe sounds weird but I think is a really good idea no just for this season, in that way you can make less garbage and be good with the planet, and in the other hand your drink is hot more time.

I hope you enjoy this post. Subscribe, comment and give it a big thumbs up if you did. I will see you very soo byyee. Liv.