Floral skirt

Floral skirt

Cat print top
190 MXN – amazon.com

Flap jacket
1,335 MXN – hm.com

River Island pink floral skirt
570 MXN – riverisland.com

Express brown cross body purse
455 MXN – express.com

Madewell vintage yellow gold ring
420 MXN – nordstrom.com

Engraved jewellery
36 MXN – rosegal.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics gloss makeup
1,715 MXN – bloomingdales.com

Gucci lipstick
705 MXN – gucci.com


Grey Blazer

Hello Georgeous!! I am back with another clothing post, this time I found a really lovely and very functional grey blazer. Not only black colour is basic, also grey it’s, and to have a very good wardrobe we need some basic pieces that you can combine and do more versatile your closet.

Sometimes you just need a quality clothes to look astonishing, we just need to look the style that have the French girls, that have a very basic style.

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Autumn Essential

Hello Georgeous!! In every season we have some essentials, so I decided to do are the most importa essential for this season.

Hand cream, to have a very soft and nice hands through the season.

Scarve, I don´t know if you get ill but I do so a use this piece almost everyday and apart from that I love wear them.

Lip balm, our lips suffer a lot through autumn and winter so you can take care of them with a really good lip bal apart of drinking water.

An umbrella, because it can rain any time.

A good pair of boots, I think is a really good investment because you are going to wear it all the season.

A thermos, maybe sounds weird but I think is a really good idea no just for this season, in that way you can make less garbage and be good with the planet, and in the other hand your drink is hot more time.

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Autumn Clothing Fav

Hello Georgeous!! Is autumn all ready and I´m very excited. So I decided to do what are my favorite pieces to wear this time of the year.

  • Jumpers, this time of the year is when you start with this piece, because the weather let you wear it and if you are like that you feel cold most of the time in this season is a really good way to feel worm.
  • Trousers, a good pair of trousers in a basic colour can save you a lot, it hasn’t to be in black you can wear it in other color that you feel you can wear whit pretty much everything.
  • A long skirt, this piece in personal a can wear it envy time of the year because a really really like this piece; its very comfy and you can combine with a fun t-shirt, a blouse or a cool jumper.
  • Blouse, a loose blouse is a perfect option while this this season because you can wear it with a t-shirt under and feel more worm. What I love about an autumn blouse is the patterns and colours.
  • Skinny Jeans, this specific cut is perfect because you can wear it whit all kind of boots that are the kind of shoes we wear all the time when the weather is cold and wet.
  • Cardigan, and not just a flat one I love the ones to bright colours, a few patterns or something that make them different from the regular ones.
  • Fur Vest, is a really good touch to the outfits, but always use a synthetic fabric.

I did not mention a coat because its so obvious, that we do not get out of our house with out him.

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Wide-leg cropped trousers

Hello Georgeous!! Since they came out it have been one of the most used piece I am talking about the wide-leg cropped trousers, because most of the women can used. The industry has started to fabricated in colours very springtime and now in very autumnal ones, that’s why I use one in mustard colour for this outfits, and because I would love to wear something like this. Don’t be afraid to wear a piece like the wide-leg cropped trousers, because if you wear the right complements you can rock it!!

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A date with you

A date with you

Blue cocktail dress
565 MXN – renttherunway.com

Chicwish brown jacket
1,130 MXN – chicwish.com

Boohoo flatform sandals
435 MXN – boohoo.com

Express brown handbag
450 MXN – express.com

Chico s statement necklace
1,870 MXN – chicos.com

J.Crew statement earrings
1,470 MXN – jcrew.com

Casetify clear iphone case
755 MXN – casetify.com

WithChic gold leaf headband
250 MXN – withchic.com

Tom ford makeup
1,605 MXN – shop.harpersbazaar.com

Gucci lipstick
705 MXN – gucci.com

Capsule Wardrobe ,

Hello Geourgeous!! In the past year, its become very popular between some british bloggers and to be honest i am very intrigued by all the attention that received from the media.

When it comes to clothing, I am always looking to be more polished, and in the past few months I have been standing in front of my wardrobe ant thinking I have nothing to wear. I have a really among of clothes but nothing inspired me.

I know every woman suffer this one time a year maybe, others a few times more.

So when i saw a video in youtube from the blogger Anna Gardner whit this idea of the capsule wardrobe I simple love it, she has a very basic wardrobe with a very específico pieces that give it the pumps to the outfits that she wears and she only has 37 pieces in her wardrobe, this includes tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses and outwear excluding workout clothes, accessories, pj’s, underwear and cocktail attire.

One of the first question that I made myself was, how is this possible?

After like three months, she add a few new pieces to the capsule wardrobe, but never going over the 37 amount;

one piece in one piece out.

This year I am feel the necessity to have less clothes but more pieces that I can wear pretty much with everything, and part of this is that I don’t have the need to wear all the fashion trend, i want to wear my own style of clothes. So I tarted to research how to make a capsule wardrobe.

So let´s get to it.


Essentially is a mini wardrobe made up with very versatile pieces that you love to wear yeah!!! You love every single piece.

And because is so versatile you always have something to wear and would be more easy to put together an outfit when you are in a rush to be somewhere else and your late. And in the coming months I would be doing my own capsule wardrobe, and let see whats happen.

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Topshop white top
295 MXN – topshop.com

Trench coat
535 MXN – rosegal.com

Short skirt
180 MXN – romwe.com

Slip on shoes
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Bucket bag
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WithChic beach jewelry
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Cat earrings
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Cat eye glasses
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Scrunchie hair accessory
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Bobbi brown cosmetic
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Gucci lipstick
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Vero Moda purple tank top
440 MXN – veromoda.com

Short jacket
800 MXN – shein.com

High rise skinny jeans
870 MXN – prettylittlething.com.au

Black shoes
615 MXN – zaful.com

Velvet purse
930 MXN – watereverysunday.com

Earring jewelry
540 MXN – genuine-people.com

Sterling silver ring
465 MXN – mindfulbohemianshop.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics glossier makeup
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NYX glossy lipstick
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Office fashion look

Office fashion look

785 MXN – zalando.co.uk

Green blazer
4,815 MXN – peterhahn.de

Tall skirt
855 MXN – bestseller.com

J Crew long stocking
480 MXN – jcrew.com

Faux-suede boots
615 MXN – impavidgirl.com

Yves Saint Laurent tassel handbag
30,770 MXN – matchesfashion.com

Swarovski sparkly ring
1,100 MXN – lordandtaylor.com

Earring jewelry
79 MXN – gamiss.com

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics polishing kit
1,680 MXN – bloomingdales.com

Gucci lipstick
685 MXN – gucci.com